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The Bruce Project - Part 2

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Still not sure about Escape Rooms?

Online escape room games are multi-player immersive escape room adventures. You will be locked in a virtual room with your team and your only way out is to find clues and solve them to escape.

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We played The BRUCE Project – Part 1. We underestimated the difficulty level and spent a lot of time on the very first puzzle. DO NOT REPEAT! All the puzzles were fun and engaging, each one with multiple levels of complexity. You WILL need a pen and paper to get through. And, you’d enjoy so much!

Kudos to WittyEscapes for pioneering this mind-blowing (pun intended) concept.

Jitesh Khandelwal Picture Witty Escapes Testimonial

Jitesh Khandelwal

Trading system analyst, Tower Research

I love challenging my brain. It was the perfect way to enjoy myself with my brother on weekend. We played Bruce Project-I, we had a lot of fun and didn’t even realize that an hour had passed by. If you like solving mysteries and challenges I recommend Witty Escapes!

The perfect way to have fun for 1-2 hours with your friends/family. Had a lot of fun and brainstorming 🤯

Akshat Gupta Picture Witty Escapes Testimonial

Akshat Gupta

Engineering Student

I have always been really fond of Escape Rooms but given the Covid-19 situation, going to experience one was nearly impossible. And then, I came across this brilliant concept by Witty Escapes where challenging, fun, & brainstorming puzzles were incorporated all in a single package. It was so much fun solving all the riddles and experiencing that thrill of an Escape Room again. Eagerly waiting to play the next one!! 😀

Apoorva Jain Picture Witty Escapes Testimonial

Apoorva Jai Mathur

Dancer & Yoga Instructor

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