Witty Escapes

Bruce - Colour Logo with White Text

Hi Recruit,

Thank you for participating in this experiment. You are truly blessed to be a part of this medical marvel. You have been chosen to test whether you can control our A.I. robot, B.R.U.C.E. using your mind.

Be mindful of the following things before we begin:

  • To participate in the Battle of Wits
    1. Once you escape the room, take a screenshot of the end screen (which shows your game statistics; don’t close the browser till you see this) .
    2. Mail this screenshot to contact@wittyescapes.com (subject line – <Team Name> End Screen) by 4th April, 23:59:59 Hrs IST.
    3. Take hints whenever you get stuck, but they come with a penalty
    4. Each hint used will add 5 minutes to your total completion time.
    5. Complete in the least possible time to rank higher.
  • You have a passkey/license key with you (received over e-mail). It expires in 3 hours (from the time of activation). Keep it handy. 
  • You can only access B.R.U.C.E using a desktop. It does not understand mobile/tablets.
  • You and your team can connect individually using the link and each member can control the game. However, do remember to connect with your team via Zoom, etc. (for even more fun).
  • B.R.U.C.E. loves to crack jokes. Humour it. Keep your audio on.
  • Secret ingredients of success – Team spirit, a glass of Chardonnay and some wits! 🙂

Let the escape room experience begin! 

With Love,

Team Witty

P.S. – We have a Part 2 also of The B.R.U.C.E Project. Don’t forget to check it out later!