Witty Escapes

60 - 120 Mins

Game Duration

Easy - Medium

Difficulty Level

2 - 6

Team Size

1999/- 1299/-

Price / Team


Jolly old St Nick has been kidnapped and with Christmas in jeopardy, the elves need a plan. 

They hire B.R.U.C.E. – an out of work experimental research droid, who’s recently retrained as a private detective… a private detective with a penchant for solving crime and telling really bad jokes.

Who is behind the villain known only as ‘Turkey Face’? Will B.R.U.C.E. find Santa in time to save Christmas?

Be ready for a mind-boggling festive celebration! Giggles guaranteed.

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* You mush have at least 2 players. Some puzzles require more than one player.

Did you know?

Escape rooms are a worldwide phenomenon. BRUCE Saves Christmas is an online escape room which has been brought from United Kingdom (UK) for all escape room fans in India.

Interested? Here's what you do next...

1. Book your game

Buy the escape room by clicking on "Book Now"

2. Receive game link

You will receive your game link in your inbox / promotions within 5 mins of booking.

3. Gather your team

Connect on Zoom/MS Teams/Meet etc.
Each team member clicks on the game link and controls the game from his/her laptop.

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Got Questions?

It is suitable for anyone aged 9 to 99! Our online escape rooms are family-friendly and are designed in a way such that anyone who plays will definitely  have fun!

Once you buy the online escape room, you will receive a confirmation mail (Inbox/Spam/Promotions) from Witty Escapes (with a URL and passkey). Click on the URL and enter passkey.

You and your team can connect individually using the link and each member can control the game. However, do remember to connect with your team via Zoom, etc. (for even more fun).

You can start your experience up till 15 days after making the purchase.  However, once you start the game, you have to finish it within 3 hours. Post which, the link would expire.

  1. Use Chrome browser on your desktop with a good internet connection
  2. Try the incognito mode in Chrome browser 
  3. Kill your browser and start it again
  4. Check your internet bandwidth and release it for better performance 
  5. If the game link still does not work, request you to drop a mail at  contact@wittyescapes.com 

Our escape rooms are designed to be played on a laptop/desktop only for the best experience. We would not recommend using the mobile phones to play them.