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Hints & Answers

Read the letter sent to you by the Elf. Towards the bottom of the letter, there are 6 coloured spaces. For each box, you need a number (0-9), which you will find by solving puzzles/finding clues. Each puzzle/clue has a primary colour in its instruction (for e.g. a border). Use this colour of that puzzle to link it to the square space where the digit of that puzzle will be entered. 

Once you have 6 digits, use the mathematical operations (as shown in the letter) to arrive at 3 digits. 

For e.g. – Let’s say you got these numbers: 

8-4   2+7   1+5

Once you do the math, the final code comes out to be: 4 9 6

Note – Click the below link only when you have tried all puzzles and are still not able to find the final code. For individual puzzles and their hints, scroll down this page. 

Final Code Link – here

There are 6 puzzles in your envelope. Each is represented by a colour. Solve a puzzle and get the name of a Code Buster (A Code Buster is a circular image that would have a name of a Christmas character, black arrow and a lock on it). There are 12 Code Busters in your envelope. 

Map the correct Code Buster to your puzzle. Keep this Code Buster on the top of your Decoder (A decoder is a red sheet that has numbers written in the middle of it, and has 8 coloured arrows around it). Align the black arrow on your Code Buster to the coloured arrow that corresponds to your puzzle colour. After you have aligned them, beneath the lock on the Code Buster, you will see a number on the Decoder. That number is the right digit to your puzzle!

(For example, let’s say that the Code Buster to the green puzzle is Frosty. Keep Frosty on top of the Decoder. Align the black arrow of Frosty to the green arrow at its top (at 12 o’clock). The number beneath the lock of Frosty is 9. Hence, the answer of the Green Puzzle is 9.) 

You would have received a green cipher sheet with some symbols drawn on it, along with the corresponding alphabet they refer to. 

Did you also see the Letter from the Elf? Some symbols are drawn along the borders of the letter. Use the above cipher code to translate and find the right answer. 

The right answer is the name of your Code Buster for this puzzle. 

Final Answer Link – here

There are 2 blue-coloured sheets that will be used to solve this one. 

In the photograph with the snowman, you will see a few snowflakes with dotted yellow circles in their middle. Puncture some holes here in the yellow dots. 

Once done, keep the letter from Olivia directly below this photograph. You will be able to see alphabet(s) behind each hole. Note them (Some circles may also reveal 2 letter beneath them, for example – ‘LL’). 

All the alphabets now form an anagram to a word (word represents a character in the Code Busters)

Solve the anagram and find the name of the Code Buster.

What is an anagram?

An anagram is a jumbled version of a word. For e.g. word ‘Escape’ can have anagrams such as ‘speace’ or ‘epaesc’. 

Final Answer Link – here

There are 2 sets of jigsaw puzzles, wrapped in a brown ribbon. Out of them, one set is an actual image. The other set is a collection of abstract pieces. One of the pieces from the second set will fit in the first set, to complete the image. 

This one piece is available in the other set (which has all random pieces; they will not form one image). 

Behind this one piece, you will find a text. This is your Code Buster for this puzzle.

Final Answer Link – here

There are 2 orange-coloured sheets that will help you solve.

There are 6 gift tags given in the sheet. Out of them, 4 tags have 1 truth and 1 lie written on them. One of the other 2 tags only speaks the truth and the other one has lies. 

Find the gift tag that is correct (meaning that all the above 6 conditions is only fulfilled by one tag. Find that particular tag.)

Deduce the tag that the above gift tag is pointing at. Look at its character and you will match it to find your Code Buster to this puzzle. (For example, if tag E is the correct one that fulfils all the above 6 conditions, then it asks you to seek Tag A. Hence, the Code Buster character is A is your answer.)

Final Answer Link – here

There are 2 pink sheets that will be used to solve this puzzle.

Overall, there are 6 keys and 12 locks. Match the key designs of the 6 keys to find the corresponding locks. Only 3 such keys will be there which will have identical set of 3 lock designs.

For example – Key A maps exactly with 3 locks – 2, 4 and 8. 

Find the letters corresponding to each of these 9 designs from the table in the first sheet (For example, A2 corresponds to the letter U). This will give you a mix of 9 alphabets. 

Solve the anagram and find the name of the Code Buster.

What is an anagram?

An anagram is a jumbled version of a word. For e.g. word ‘Escape’ can have anagrams such as ‘speace’ or ‘epaesc’.

Final Answer Link – here

Refer to the Purple sheet with a circular maze in the middle. There is only open space to start the passage and one place to end it (in the center). 

Find the path that connects the start and end points and take a note of all the alphabets that come in between. 

That’s the name of your Code Buster for this puzzle.

Final Answer Link – here