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Are your employees feeling stressed? Are you looking to engage them actively?

We GUARANTEE you the most fun time for your employees!

Starts at Rs. 299 per person

Event Duration: 1-2 hours

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Demo of our best-selling game!

Are your employees tired of the same ways of engagement? Do they not participate?

Don’t worry, you have come to the right place! We design games that brings out the best in them! 

Our games are immersive, engaging, visual and mentally-challenging. Teams work together to complete a mission (and escape a room) before time runs out. To progress through the game, they must find clues and solve puzzles.)

How Is An Escape Room Good For My Company?

Our games are designed to maximize participation, encourage collaboration, and create shared memories, ultimately building connection and chemistry.

1100 participants for Reliance Industries Ltd.

Escape rooms provide an unrivalled team-building experience. Challenge your team to communicate effectively, solve problems, and think critically to accomplish their goal.


Companies and organizations of all sizes have been adapting to remote working. Whether you are a group of 5 of 300, we will work with you to bring your team together, regardless of where they are.


How many events can boast of a 100% success rate to engage participants across all age groups and departments? Best part – people forget who’s the boss!

The booking process

1. Reach out to us

Contact us at contact@wittyescapes.com or +918826760667

2. Plan with our team

Plan your event with us, finalise date and get your queries clarified.

3. Invoice & Payment

We shall send an invoice to your team for the event

4. Event confirmation

Receive a confirmation mail from us and a Zoom meeting link for the event

5. Have a blast with us!

Your teams are going to love the experience!

Our escape room experiences

The Bruce Project - Part 2

9/10 team leaders surveyed said that their team's communication improved after their experience at Witty Escapes and 10/10 team leaders said morale increased.

What Services Do We Offer?

We have multiple Escape Room experiences that can benefit you and your team, from virtual events to in-person events


Virtual Events From Anywhere In The World

Many companies big and small are moving towards remote working. Bring your team together regardless of where they are in the world to strengthen their problem-solving skills, communication, and relationships through our virtual team-building experiences.

In-Person Team Building Experiences

Our team will come to your designated area to conduct the event seamlessly. Whether you’re looking to test your team’s skills or planning a holiday event, you’re going to have a ton of fun and bring your team together like never before.

Onboard an employee

We can help make your team's onboarding journey memorable. We create a locked box basis your guidelines and branding. The recipient will solve a mystery to open the box. Inside it, will be goodies that you welcome him/her with.

This is for you, if you're looking for:

Team Engagement

Escape Rooms are known for being excellent activities for active team engagement and team building

Learning & Development

Innovative problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership skills, time management, qualitative analysis - You name it, we do it!

Employee On-boarding

Surprise your new employees with goodies inside a locked box (that they open by solving a mystery)

Breaking some ice

Your teams have been working remotely since 2020. Help them connect better with our ERs. They will form connections in no time!

Hear what our client say about us!

Testimonials of our recent corporate event experiences

Sunakshi Bansal

Deloitte USI

"We had a great experience playing the Sherlock's Debut case with the team. Amazing clues and approach requirements for the same. Our members joined from across 3 continents. Had a good fulfilling one hour! Thanks Komal for organizing for my team. A must-have experience for all companies!"


"We did a Friday-evening mystery session for a few of our employees. It was a lot of fun to see them completely engrossed, trying to crack the codes to escape out. The Haunted House experience was indeed exciting! Kudos to Komal (Witty Escapes) for organising a smooth and enigmatic evening for us! I am sure our engagement with regards to Witty Escapes wouldn't end here."

Maria Fernandes


Dhiren Kanwar

Griffith Foods

"In a wonderful session arranged by Witty Escapes, teams from across the India and Dubai offices raced against the clock to crack the clues, and emerged re-energized. The clever use of storytelling and technology made the limitations imposed by distancing disappear for a bit. A big thank you to Komal and team. We hope to escape again soon!"

An event that guarantees fun for everyone!

What are you waiting for?

100% Online. 100% Immersive. 100% Team-Based. 100% Thrilling. A virtual experience like never-before!

Got Questions?

Participants are required to use a laptop, good internet connection & Google Chrome (preferably).

We can host any number of participants in an event. Pls advice you to reach out to us (contact@wittyescapes.com) and get a custom package for your company 🙂 

We have the license on Zoom, and hence, we prefer to host the events on it. But, if needed, we can host the event on MS Teams or Google Meet (etc.) as well. 

Not at all. Our escape room experiences are built in a way that no technical expertise or prior knowledge is required. What you see during the game, is adequate to help you crack codes 🙂

Escape rooms offer a uniquely fun experience perfect for team building! You and your team would be up against the clock in an intense scenario, forced to collaborate to succeed. Challenging, rewarding and immersive!

Have questions?

Would you like to see a demo of our escape rooms first? Drop us a message and let us get in touch with you personally.