Witty Escapes

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Escape Room Booking

Go to the ‘Online Escape Rooms’ section to browse and purchase experiences of your choice.

1. A mail is sent to your e-mail address alongwith the passkey within 5 minutes of purchase. 
2. Also check spam/promotions. 
3. Write to contact@wittyescapes.com in case you still have not received it.

The games are priced from 499 INR to 2000 INR per team (not per player). They are meant to be played in groups of 2-6.

Yes, we’d love to. Write to us at contact@wittyescapes.com. And we will get in touch with you as soon as we can!

Online Escape Room Play

You can start your experience up till 15 days after making the purchase.  However, once you start the game, you have to finish it within 3 hours. Post which, the link would expire.

  1. Use Chrome browser on your desktop with a good internet connection
  2. Try the incognito mode in Chrome browser 
  3. Kill your browser and start it again
  4. Check your internet bandwidth and release it for better performance 
  5. If the game link still does not work, request you to drop a mail at  contact@wittyescapes.com 

Ideally, if you have made a successful payment, your passkey should work. Try opening it on Google Chrome with a strong internet connection. If it still does not work, pls write to us at  contact@wittyescapes.com.

We recommend a team size of 2-6 for each game.

When you have a multi-player team, with players in different locations we recommend connecting via Zoom/FaceTime/WhatsApp video call so that you can communicate easily and share ideas.

We advise the team size for particular online escape room basis how we have designed it. But at the end, it’s always upto you.

Yes, the family that plays together, stays together! Plus these puzzles will sharpen your kids’ minds and help them to connect more with you 🙂

Technically it is possible, but we do encourage you to play the game in one session. Doing so will allow you to get more immersed in the atmosphere.
Overall, the game passkey will expire after 3 hours of activation (activation = as soon as the passkey is entered and validated).

Within the same level, you can jump between puzzles. The nature of the online escape room, however, means that there are some puzzles that, once you complete them they will change state. These cannot be returned to in their original form.

No! The experience is so addictive that you will probably not fall asleep after it; we imagine your brain will be turned up to maximum power.

Each of the puzzles has detailed hints. Use them, but wisely 🙂


We will be unable to process exchanges or refunds after a ticket has been purchased or for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets.

We are bringing some of the best international games (namely, Sherlock – The Grand Debut) to our platform for you. And these games may require you to pay them in pounds. The payment mechanism is secure, we assure you.

Pls write to us at contact@wittyescapes.com and we will help with your query.

Online Escape Room Equipment

1. Our online escape rooms are designed to be played on desktop and laptop computers.
2. You will need a good internet connection
3. We recommend using the latest version of the Chrome web browser.
4. We recommend that players use Zoom or other communication method to share ideas about how to solve the puzzles.

The online escape room experience is best designed for PCs, laptops and desktops. The bigger your screen, the better is the experience.

We recommend that you take notes during the online escape room, so you may need pen, something to write, and a good mood is always a plus.