Witty Escapes

Hi Agents,

You are privy to classified information from this moment on.

Mission Briefing:

Three scientists from Spider Technologies have died. Our best agent, Agent Spike, too has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. You have been chosen to bring success to this unforseen mission.

Be mindful of this checklist:

  • Keep the passkey/license key handy to start the mission (rec’d over mail).
  • Each team member can start and control the mission by clicking on the link below using his/her laptop (mobile/tablet does not work).
  • Always stay connected with your team via call (Zoom, Skype etc.)
  • You need access to a good internet connection and an email-account.
  • Secret mantra of success – team spirit, glass of Chardonnay, and some wits!

Watch the detailed instructions video by W.I.S.E. Head, Agent Smith. 

We wish you all the best for your future concerns!

Team Witty