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An online horror mystery game

You get locked inside an abandoned house. You hear a girl scream. Do you escape alone or help her?

60 Mins

Game Duration

Easy - Medium

Difficulty Level

1-3 (Play solo or in a team)

Team Size

10+ years old

Suitable Age


Price / Game

466 reviews on
A P Sushma
A P Sushma
Wonderful Online Escape Room, had an amazing time with colleagues solving the puzzles and also shout out to our Hosts - Lata and Komal for lighting up the event. Thank You!!
Lipti Pradhan
Lipti Pradhan
Vedant Pimpley
Vedant Pimpley
The digital escape room was surprisingly fun! Good as a fun corporate team building exercise. And well managed.
Rakshinda Tabassum
Rakshinda Tabassum
Wonderful experience !!!
sai kotha
sai kotha
Anjali Raj
Anjali Raj
Nidhi Shree
Nidhi Shree
It was full of fun!
Sushmita Pakala
Sushmita Pakala
Awsome experience and what a nice game!!

What is it?

An Online Escape Room Game (Horror Mystery)

Locked in the haunted house, you or your team must solve puzzles and work together to find a way to escape. The clues and their answers are all around you. Can you use your eyes, ears and mind to get out in time? 

Watch the Game Trailer

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You are trapped in an abandoned house. The floor creaks. The winds howl. The trees growl. Suddenly, you hear a girl’s deafening cry for HELP! And the doors shut behind you! There is no escape from here.

Will you help her or end up getting trapped in it forever? 

How to play?

Getting started is very easy. Once you’ve purchased the game, you can start playing within seconds.

What's required?

Our games are best played on a laptop. Tablets and mobile phones are not supported. 

You will experience a smoother game play on an updated version of the Google Chrome browser.

Remain connected to a high-speed internet connection throughout the game play.

You may require to take notes to solve some puzzles. Pen and paper would come handy. 

Step-by-step process

This game can be played either solo or in a team (upto 3 players).

Buy a game code by clicking on the “Escape Now” button. It will take you to the Payment page. Make the payment to buy the game.

Wait for a confirmation email with all the game instructions and your unique game code. Check your inbox/spam/promotions. 

Share the instructions from the email with all your team members (if playing in a team). and start a video call. If you are playing solo, skip to next step. 

Appoint a Leader in your team. The Leader shall log in to start the game and share his/her screen with the other team members. 

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Who is this game for?

Escape Rooms are for everyone that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!


Stimulate your mind by cracking the mystery together - from one location or across the globe!


Play with your kids/parents/grand-parents and make lifetime memories together!


Plan a different kind of corporate event with your teammates and get to know them the fun way!

Why should you play?

A never-seen-before experience built with enthralling visual, sound & jump-scare effects, that offers players an ultimate gaming experience! 

Original Puzzles

Interactive tasks

Multi-player, social game

Supreme soundtrack

100% satisfied players

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What's in it for you?

One team can win upto Rs. 50,000 per month in lucky draw!

What makes this game unique?

We are the masters of Escape Room mysteries! This game has interactive tasks perfectly arranged into the game's storyline, that will engage you throughout!

Best-suited for all occasions

Original, exciting, fascinating, and something very special whether for your partner, family, or friend. 

Everything is important in the game

Follow the clues and stay calm while trying to solve the mystery within 60 minutes. The key is to do it together 🙂

Allows everyone to contribute

Some may be better at logical thinking, others at calculation, or connecting things. To escape from a room you will need all of these skills.

12000 +
Users Played
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Let's hear our clients talk!

I love escape rooms, and haven't been to one in a really long time. This was the perfect virtual replacement! The puzzles were challenging but soooo much fun to solve!

Swasti Pal

We thoroughly enjoyed it! I played with my 17-year old & husband, and it was more fun than doing Netflix! Specifically the graphics were awesome and the difficulty was just perfect - intense and fun!

Divya Purnaiya

The concept of these games is very different. It actually makes you brainstorm. Must recommended for the people who are looking for some fun playing with the friends or family sitting anywhere across the world

Shruti Jain


Need Help?


Escape Room is a themed game where you will play to solve a mystery (by following the storyline and solving puzzles along the way). You have to aim to complete the game within 60 minutes. 

To play our online escape rooms, you’ll need a computer with Google Chrome and a pen and paper. We also recommend that your team has a video call set up if you’re not in the same room.

You should ideally plan to solve this within 60 minutes. In case you are not able to, the game will still continue for upto 3 hours (post that the game link expires). 

We apologise in advance for such a situation. You may drop a mail to us with your query at contact@wittyescapes.com and we will resolve it within 24 hours. 

Our online escape rooms are fun for anyone, it doesn’t matter if you’ve played 0 or a 100 escape rooms before. 

You can start your experience up till 15 days after making the purchase. However, once you start the game, you have to finish it within 3 hours. Post which, the link would expire.

This is an online game that you can play from your homes using a laptop/desktop, anytime, anywhere 🙂

No, whatever you need to solve this game, will be present inside the game itself. You need not use Google or any other external website for this. 

Escape Room games are most fun when played in teams. But you may also play solo if you like that 🙂

You are paying for a game code that will be used by your whole team. 

Hints are available within the game. 

If you facing any technical issue, then pls reach out to us at contact@wittyescapes.com and we will resolve it within 24 hours. 

Anyone above 10 years of age.

Our online escape rooms are family-friendly and are designed in a way such that anyone who plays will definitely  have fun! 

What are you waiting for?

100% Online. 100% Immersive. 100% Team-Based. 100% Thrilling. A virtual experience like never-before!

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